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  • Reuben Pemberton

The challenges of estimating remodeling projects in 100 year old homes

Hello, it’s Reuben. Today, let’s dive into a unique challenge we often face in the remodeling business: estimating projects in 100-year-old homes.

Estimating a remodeling project is never a straightforward task, but it becomes especially complex when dealing with older homes. These houses were built in a different era, with different building codes, materials, and techniques. They often have outdated plumbing and electrical systems, structural issues due to settling or decay, and even elements like lead paint or asbestos.

In addition, many older homes are subject to historical preservation guidelines, which limit the changes that can be made and require the use of specific materials or techniques.

Unforeseen challenges are also common when remodeling old homes. Once we start opening up walls or floors, we might uncover hidden problems like water damage, insect infestations, or faulty wiring. These issues can lead to unexpected delays and costs.

To account for these potential issues, we always build a contingency into our estimates for older home projects. This is an additional sum of money – usually around 10-20% of the project cost – set aside to cover unexpected expenses.

Despite the challenges, remodeling old homes can be incredibly rewarding. These houses are full of history and character, and restoring them to their former glory – while updating them for modern living – is a fulfilling experience.

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