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  • Reuben Pemberton

We Have a Few Things to Say

Hello Manor Park Construction fans. All ten of you! Lol. Welcome to the first-ever blog for Manor Park Construction.

We've been transforming houses into dream homes since 2018, and I've personally learned a ton along this journey. So, why am I here, typing up this blog? It's simple - I want to share my experiences, my knowledge, and the insights I've picked up along the way with you all.

I know, I know – blogging isn’t my day job. Between tracking material shipments, managing my team, and ensuring our projects are running smoothly, you might be wondering how I plan on squeezing out time for blogging. The answer is I don't know. Lol. But I know one thing. I am passionate about what we do here. I'm passionate about remodeling old basements and kitchens and about turning old, forgotten houses into vibrant homes full of life.

Each week, I'll share stories from the field, business insights, technical advice, design ideas, and so much more. I'll give you the ins and outs of what we do here at Manor Park, and hopefully, impart some wisdom that will help you in your own home renovation journeys. Welcome aboard!

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